Erectile Dysfunction Gel

Nowadays there are different means to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). As this problem is quite common among men of different ages, it’s worth discovering how to cure it effectively. Along with various tablets, there are also topical medications, namely special Erectile dysfunction gel. How do they work and what are their pros and cons? Let’s study now.

What is Erectile Dysfunction Gel

Several erectile dysfunction gels have been developed until now. The main idea of this type of treatment is the application of the gel directly on the penis before intercourse. The active ingredients of the remedy should help to get hard and maintain a firm erection that is enough for satisfactory sex.

How ED Gel Works

The mechanism of action depends on the composition of the gel. Thus, FDA-approved Eroxon contains ingredients that provide at first cooling and then a warming effect. This enhances the blood flow to the genitals and contributes to the occurrence of an erection.

There are also some testosterone-containing products like AndroGel. They aim to increase the concentration of the main male hormone in the body of a man. On the one hand, this effect helps to combat ED. On the other hand, there is no evidence in favor of its utilization as a topical remedy.

Therefore, while choosing such a gel, one should learn more about its composition and the planned action. It’s better to consult a doctor or a pharmacist on the rules of usage. The gels belong to the OTC group but they should be also utilized properly to avoid possible adverse effects.

Pros of ED Gel

Why do ED gels become so popular lately? The following reasons contributed to this:

  • they are non-invasive and easy to apply and use;
  • gels work in a natural way and enhance natural erectile response;
  • as topical dosage forms gels have fewer systemic side effects compared to oral medicines;
  • this option is good for men who cannot take pills.

Thus, gels are quite convenient and effective. In addition, they are backed by science and one can rely on them.

Cons of ED Gel

At the same time, there are some drawbacks forto these gels that should be mentioned, namely:

  • topical dosage forms do not work as quickly as pills, so one needs planning and some time for their proper application;
  • some side effects like pain, burning, aching and allergic reactions are possible, so one should test the gel before its utilization;
  • sometimes gels do not work, especially when ED is caused by psychological factors or nerve damage;
  • partner may experience some transference of gel, that is why it may be needed to inform about its utilization that is not always suitable.

Erectile Dysfunction Gel Alternatives

In addition to gels, one should consider other means for ED cure. The first thing to do is to be diagnosed and determine the reason for the problem. Then, it can be solved using both topical remedies and other useful alternatives.


Oral medicines are considered one of the most popular remedies. Such pills as Cialis and Viagra have a potent and effective action and never fail to provide the user with a firm erection.

However, they belong to the prescription group and have certain contraindications and limitations for usage. Thus, one should not utilize them without a consultation with a doctor.


Another approach to combating ED is to utilize certain medicines as injections. For this, one should learn how to do them properly. It can be harder than taking pills and requires skills and training. The mechanism of action of injections is the same as for oral medicines but they usually act faster.


If other means of treatment appear to be ineffective or the overall health condition does not allow taking pills or making injections, one can think over implants. Of course, their utilization is linked to a surgical procedure and the cost is higher than for other means. Still, keep in mind this possibility.

Vacuum devices

One more interesting and helpful option is the utilization of vacuum devices. They are aimed at creating a vacuum and thus enhance the blood flow into the penis. They should be used directly before intercourse that may be not very convenient. However, the method is non-invasive and is considered safe and effective.


In a nutshell, it’s worth considering ED gels if you cannot take pills for some reason or experience only slight symptoms of this problem. It is important to test the remedy and make sure of its safety for you. In case, there are no allergic reactions, one can experiment with such gels and utilize them to get hard whenever it’s needed.


Which gel is best for erectile dysfunction?

For now, Eroxon is an FDA-approved remedy of this group that possesses the required effect and helps in getting hard.

How effective is Eroxon gel?

According to the clinical trials, the remedy was effective in 65% of cases. Thus, it’s quite a good level that allows using gels and being sure of the effect.

What can I take to get hard over the counter?

The best option in this case is some local remedy like a gel or cream. They are readily available, easy to use and effective.

Does AndroGel help erectile dysfunction?

The evidence of its efficiency is scarce. Still, it should not be applied directly to the penis and will not provide an effect at once.